Strategies and Activities

The Power of Responding to Your Baby
Fabulous First Words: How to Pick First Words
Moo Baa La: Animal Sounds and Speech
Three Magic Words: Ready Set Go

All Kinds Of Talk
Self Talk and Parallel Talk
Expansion & Extension
Using Recasts with Toddlers & Preschoolers
Gestures Use & Language

Communication Temptations
Sing, Dance, and Be Merry: Simple Songs
Using Action Imitation to Get Language

Using Books to Increase Language Skills
Using Choices to Increase Language Skills

Baby Signs: Why?
Selecting Baby Signs
Baby Signs: How

What are Carrier Phrases?
Top 10 Carrier Phrases and How to Use Them

The ABCs of ABA in the SLP world

Pictures for Beginning Language: Part One
Pictures for Language: Part Two
Pictures and Language: FAQs

Late Talkers: Top 10 Tips
How To Help With Speech Sounds
Photo Books For Language
A Tech Spin on Photo Books

Vocabulary Tips

Songs For Receptive Language and Behavior
Wordless Picture Books and Funny Pictures
Social Emotional Awareness



Snow, Sprinkles, and Speech
Chugga Chugga Choo Choo!
Photo Books
Mr. Potato Head

Babbling With Bubbles
Fizzy Fun
Every Day Language Learning: Grocery Shopping
Every Day Language Learning:Dishwasher and Socks


Top 10 Carrier Phrases
I Was So Mad: Social Emotional Development
Photo Books
Sidewalk Paint
Books For Language Development: Llama Llama
Books For Language Development: If You Give A…